December 5, 2019

By Mats Nordlund, CEO & Co-founder, Netrounds

The whole world is fascinated by Rakuten Mobile and the network they are rolling out in Japan. At Netrounds, we are also fascinated. And honored. Honored to announce that Rakuten Mobile has selected our software solution to guarantee quality of services with cost-efficient network operations.

Rakuten Mobile's fully virtualized, cloud-native and 5G-ready architecture is going to forever change the global telecommunications landscape. Their whole network is virtualized, from the radio to the core, with all network functions being deployed through automation and zero-touch provisioning. It is amazing that Netrounds takes a critical role in assuring the quality in the world’s most advanced and modern network at Rakuten Mobile.

I am both proud and excited that Netrounds is part of this.

Rakuten Mobile has commercialized the world’s first open radio access network (OpenRAN) architecture, built on off-the-shelf hardware, with more than 180 virtual network functions. This makes Rakuten Mobile the world’s largest telco cloud provider. Their architecture is characterized by thousands of edge data centers, where Netrounds' small footprint and virtual test agents are automatically deployed during network rollout to validate proper turn-up of the connections towards the radio sites, as well as to provide operations teams with real-time performance indicators for the fronthaul and backhaul data planes of the radio access network.

Instead of adopting a traditional, slow-moving telecom mindset, Rakuten Mobile embraces a much more agile, IT-centric mentality. This software-centric approach allows them to innovate much faster and scale dynamically to meet the ever-changing demands of their customers. Using advanced automation allows Rakuten Mobile to operate at a level of efficiency that is unimaginable to most traditional telecom operators, with an extremely lean operations team. At Netrounds, we are very happy to be able to contribute to this.

Rakuten intends to go global with their cloud connectivity platform to globalize their footprint outside of Japan. They want to become a connectivity enabler, and not necessarily a traditional telecommunications operator, as Tareq Amin, CTO of Rakuten Mobile explained at the TIP Summit in Amsterdam in November.

Also earlier this fall -- Rakuten CEO, Mickey Mikitani -- presented their new motto "Walk together" at the Rakuten Optimism conference in San Francisco. "Walking together" for Rakuten means to team up with stakeholders that share their values and are able to delight their customers with innovative services that anticipate their every need.

At Netrounds, we are committed to walking together with Rakuten Mobile as they progress with their expansion. We will continue to help them automate their service assurance process to guarantee their customers' quality of experience.

That is why we walk together with Rakuten Mobile.

For more information read "Netrounds to Provide Automated Active Assurance for Rakuten Mobile's Telco Cloud."