January 3, 2012

The customer survey results in figures:

100% would recommend Netrounds to a colleague or a partner
100% thinks Netrounds is easy to get started with
88% thinks Netrounds is easy to use in order to support the daily network operations
94% experiences that the quality and reliability of Netrounds is good or top class
88% sees a clear benefit of Netrounds in their network operations
100% considers Absilion as a supplier with good understanding of their daily work and challenges

Again, many thanks to all the respondents that has also contributed to Unicef’s important work with helping vulnerable children in different parts of the world. We promise to work as hard as ever during 2012 to exceed your expectations of Netrounds as your number one testing and troubleshooting tool.

The three lucky winners of two tickets to the movies are Lars Gustafsson from the metro network operator Finet, Kristofer Kruuse from OneContact, and Stig Nydén at Kommunal. We wish you a nice movie night.

I will describe the most wanted functions to be included in Netrounds during 2012 in another blog.

Welcome back.