January 22, 2019

By: Tim Jenkins, Sales Director, Netrounds

Perhaps second only to actual life and death, money and people's timely access to their money, is the most important aspect of modern life.


  • Can’t tap your phone to buy a Skinny Frappuccino in Starbucks?
  • Credit card failed online to buy this months must-have?
  • ATM machine refusing to dispense actual cash!?
  • Direct Debits blocked!

The consequences of bank network failures are massive at a personal and corporate level.  Of course there are many possible causes for failures, including failed software upgrades, integration or migration issues and human errors.

According to independent research, only around a third of all network issues are found using traditional Fault Monitoring tools, with the remainder found by end users.  Netrounds helps find those User reported errors, before customers do.

What Netrounds Does

At Netrounds, we focus on proactive Network Service Assurance. We change how you operate the network and services, focusing on the key reasons why other solutions will not find the faults affecting customers, delivering the same promises as DevOps, CI/CD did fo the software industry - drastically reducing the network and service issues that the customer will experience.

  • All network or service deliveries and changes are validated and assure that these are correct, giving you a possibility to have zero faults from planned activities.
  • During the lifetime of the service, Netrounds conducts continuous monitoring from the users perspective, so that services are given as promised, and giving you a possibility to react and resolve faults before the users will notice them.

You can measure and set specific SLA targets for a multitude of KPIs including:

  • WAN and LAN Service quality, such as packet loss, throughput, delay and jitter
  • Multi-level QoS monitoring
  • Web page load times
  • DNS response times
  • Video quality
  • IP Telephony quality
  • Wi-Fi and mobile KPIs
  • Service Quality - Public Cloud Services (O365, Azure, AWS)

A drop below your acceptable SLA level will trigger an immediate alarm and with a suitable third party component, could even be a trigger for automated self-healing actions, such as checking and re-applying configurations or rerouting traffic proactively (before a catastrophic failure occurs).

What it Means to a Bank

Banks live or die on reliability and quality of service.  It’s simply unacceptable to wait until a failure occurs and to then respond quickly.

By using Netrounds you are able firstly, test,  all changes to the IT infrastructure, which can be validated automatically. Instant validation is given to service impacting issues, meaning Network Operations teams:

  1. Will never release any changes or procedures that have or will introduce faults to customers.
  2. Know what, and where it is failing, and remedy the situation before customers experience faults

Additionally with Netrounds you can monitor a network for software degradation or failures can be detected. Instant validation is again given to service impacting issues, meaning Network Operations teams:

  1. Will know immediately if a service has been degraded (no more waiting for someone to complain).
  2. Know what and where is is failing (no more hunting for a needle in a haystack).

Mean time to repair (MTTR) is drastically reduced. Network reliability is improved and Network engineers get to work more productively.

No more trying to figure out what user complaints such as “My browser is slow” or “The video won’t play” mean. Get hard facts connected directly to your real issues in real time.

For more detailed technical information please see our Solutions Briefs:

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And get in touch here to arrange a free trial or discuss your specific requirements.

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