April 24, 2017

Written by Peter Eriksson, Technical Writer, Netrounds

Perhaps the most exciting new development with the Netrounds solution in version 2.20.0 is the general availability of our NETCONF/YANG API which also boasts some enriched features. The NETCONF/YANG API allows you integrate Netrounds Control Center with a network service orchestrator or NFV orchestrator, enabling automated network service activation, continuous monitoring, and remote troubleshooting in closed feedback loops. Driving these operational lifecycle tasks programmatically through an NFV or service orchestrator is what we refer to as the concept of Orchestrated Assurance, a term that we originally coined together with Cisco in our ETSI NFV PoC #36.

Through the NETCONF/YANG API you can comprehensively orchestrate Netrounds operations – most notably, the following tasks (many others are available in the API):

  • Test Agent actions. Virtual Test Agents can be created, configured, and deployed for measurement. There are also commands for rebooting Test Agents and for upgrading Test Agent software. In short, the API affords you full control of your system’s Test Agents.
  • Importing TWAMP and Y.1731 reflectors. The TWAMP and Y.1731 protocols can be used to reflect test traffic off embedded reflectors, extending test coverage and visibility without additional investments.
  • Setting up and running tests and monitors based on predefined templates, using Test Agents and reflectors. The use of predefined templates allows test and monitoring templates to be created once and shared throughout your organization, promoting consistent processes and streamlined operations.
  • Retrieving test results and monitoring session SLA status. These commands are used to retrieve the outcome of Netrounds measurements. Automated follow-up actions can be configured in the orchestrator in case tests fail or SLA criteria are not met.
  • Getting Netrounds system status reports (indicating uptime, memory usage, load average, and software version). Such reports allow you to keep continuous track of Netrounds system health and performance.

Additional commands available with the NETCONF/YANG API include ones for:

  • Making use of pre-existing Test Agents (i.e. ones not created through the API)
  • Listing defined test and monitoring templates
  • Listing tests and monitors that are currently executing
  • Getting notifications of status changes (to Test Agents, tests, monitoring sessions, etc.)

For more information on the new features or to get a demo of the API in action, please contact demo@netrounds.com.