January 19, 2016

I hope you all have been enjoying the holidays, and that you can look back at some great achievements during 2015.

From a Netrounds perspective, some important steps has been take during 2015. Sometimes it is good to look back, and I would like to share some of the improvements we have made during the year. Three of the most important steps taken are:

  1. We have jointly with Cisco, Orange, Telco Systems and Intel introduced the concept of "Orchestrated Assurance", in which fulfillment testing, KPI monitoring, and troubleshooting is automated. This is a ground-breaking concept, and will change the way you test, monitor and troubleshoot your network during the next couple of years.
  2. We have internally adopted DevOps as a way of working and organizing our teams. This mean that we will be able to provide higher quality  and more frequent releases of features that provide value to you.
  3. We have extremely high requirements on scalability, standard-compliance, and automation, and we have taken some major leaps during the year to fulfill the requirements from our largest customers.

The more detailed feature list can be found below (and this is still only a selection of all the improvements that has been made).

In the January release, we introduced:

  • Sharing of Probes, Templates and Results, meaning that we provide the world's first collaborative platform for telecom network assurance.
  • Tagging, in order to improve searching a filtering for customers with large installations and high activity.
  • SNMPv3, in order to make encryption of traps possible.

In the March release, we added:

  • Y.1731, to make it possible to troubleshoot and monitor Layer-2 networks from one central location (commonly called "Test Head").
  • OTT streaming support, HLS (Apple version), to begin with.
  • Beta-version of Mobile network measurements, for end-to-end measurements over 2G, 3G and 4G (LTE) networks.
  • Improvements to the Test Reports.

June release:

  • RFC6349, standard for TCP throughput measurements.
  • GUI notifications to you as a customer when new Probe upgrades are available.

August release:

  • Simplified work flow by cloning, and copying of tests and templates. Also adding possibility to skip a test in a test step.
  • Introduction of multi-select controls (bulk actions) for large-scale installations.

October release:

  • Possibility to create templates for monitorings.
  • Possibility to start full-mesh monitorings, for example for full-mesh measurement (all-to-all) in your core network.
  • Several clock synchronization improvements.
  • Major improvements to the DNS tool.
  • Our virtual Test Agent image for NFV was approved in independent interoperability test by German test institute.
  • Our API documentation was massively improved in order to simplify integration and automation with OSS and Orchestrator solutions.

December release:

  • Mobile network measurement support was released for General Availability.

Now we look forward to yet another interesting year, where we continue to add value to you, our beloved customers.

All the best,

Marcus Friman, VP Products, Netrounds